Beyond Cosplay Magazine, posted April 14, 2024

I don't know exactly how this came about, but Liz (represented for some reason as Lizz in the magazine) was recently interviewed by a student working on a digital magazine on Cosplay called Beyond Cosplay Magazine. They recently shared the magazine and it's amazing.

The Power of Painter Tape, posted February 19, 2024

I ran out of Painter's Tape last week and I could't figure out why. I purchased the tape years ago to use as my Wife and I painted different rooms in the house. We're long done doing that, so I assumed the remnants would remain in my workshop for a long time.

Added a 3D Printer to the Shop, posted February 18, 2024

During the Black Friday sales last year, the Folks at Bambu Lab had a sale and offered big discounts on their award winning 3d printers. Knowing that I'd make great use of a new 3D Printer and Liz would too, I purchased it and have it in my office as shown in the image below:

Glue Holder, posted March 12, 2023

I was in my shop today and noticed that Lizzy left her wood glue bottle open. I should have taken a picture of it so you could see the condition of the glue inside the cap, but I cleaned it all up before I thought to write about that here.

Rockler Stuff, posted March 11, 2023

You're going to see a lot of Rockler stuff on this site, my apologies in advance for that. I do not get a commission from Rockler for any product I recommend here, but I do have a lot of their stuff because:

Lizzy in the Shop, posted March 4, 2023

This is my daughter Lizzy and me, from way back in 2005. She liked me a lot more back then because I didn’t hound her to do the dishes or pick up her clothes. Aah, those were different days back then.

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