Added a 3D Printer to the Shop

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Posted: February 18, 2024 | Categories: MiscellaneousTools

During the Black Friday sales last year, the Folks at Bambu Lab had a sale and offered big discounts on their award winning 3d printers. Knowing that I'd make great use of a new 3D Printer and Liz would too, I purchased it and have it in my office as shown in the image below:

Bambu Labs P1S Printer

Since then that printer's been running almost non-stop. I've printed a variety of Madalorian helmets, vambraces, and more.

3D Printed parts

When I bought my first 3d printer, I went through two or three spools of filament over several years, I really didn't use it much. For this one, I've already gone through 6 spools (or more) and it's only been about three months.

What are we going to print next?

My plan is to learn how to design for the printer so Liz and I can print her designs.

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