The Power of Painter Tape

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Posted: February 19, 2024 | Categories: Tools

I ran out of Painter's Tape last week and I could't figure out why. I purchased the tape years ago to use as my Wife and I painted different rooms in the house. We're long done doing that, so I assumed the remnants would remain in my workshop for a long time.

Painter's Tape

Fast forward to the new 3D Printer I described in my previous post, Lizzy started consuming the painter's tape at an alarming rate as she painted the different costume parts I printed for her as shown below:

She uses the tape to mask off parts of a piece as she paints it using multiple colors as shown on the shoulder guards in the previous picture. I bought Lizzy a 6 pack, we'll see how long that lasts and what other interesting use she puts it to.

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