Glue Holder

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Posted: March 12, 2023 | Categories: Miscellaneous

I was in my shop today and noticed that Lizzy left her wood glue bottle open. I should have taken a picture of it so you could see the condition of the glue inside the cap, but I cleaned it all up before I thought to write about that here.

As I mentioned in the About page, I recently built an assembly table using the Rockler Rock Steady Shop Stand Components. Lizzy and I both use Wood Glue in our projects,and both of us are pretty impatient when it comes to getting glue out of the bottle. To help with this, I picked up the Rockler Glue Bottle Dock and attached it to one of the legs of my assembly table as shown in the following figure

Rockler Glue Bottle Dock

The dock holds the bottle snuggly upside down. If she tries to insert it with the cap open, it will leak pretty badly when she inserts it and when she pulls it out. Hopefully this will help her keep her glue bottles closed.

Looking around on the Internet, you can find glue bottle holders on Etsy and The Ameys Make Everything.

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